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"Having pussy is a gift, to use it right is a blessing" - SplashJosh - BitterTruth .. love this song..

i noticed everyone is reblogging this so why dont i school you guys that have no idea who this artist is and how deep that line was. I actually found him on tumblr when his video was on my dashboard. His name is splashjosh, new artist that has a style of his own with a very unique flow. i wake up everymorning and listen to his mixtape and immediately i get so inspired, the things he says move me alot, i can relate to it so much, its like my life. HERES A LINK TO THIS SPECIFIC SONG RIGHT HERE IN THIS GIF you all need to listen closely. ESPECIALLY FEMALES!!..  its one of my favorites songs right now and ive been listening for the past month… his tumblr is ——->

I will just leave this here

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? this isn’t deep at all this is just dumb slut shaming

who is this fish butt nemo ass lookin nigga trynna tell woman what to do with their vaginas and what “real women” should or should not aspire to

also to that reblog if this is “unique flow” and you “wake up every morning and get inspired by this” i don’t get what kinda life u trynna live, get some better inspirations that don’t perpetuate the notion that men get to dictate the standards that women should fit lmao

what is this

*falls into eternal slumber*

^but is it really slut shaming if it’s true…?

Exactly! That @afrogeisha chick is stupid,. I’m a woman myself and I tottally agree with this song. Why don’t u listen to the music first before you bash it (that’s why the link to the video is provided for U). It’s actually inspiring and uplifting to women more than anything.. It’s crazy how females would rather listen to “these hoes ain’t loyal” than this song which actually brings awareness

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When are folks gonna learn?

Home Depot, Mattoon IL, Manager Kevin L Weuve (I think this is right but check first, presumably he works where he lives) I can’t make an international call to Home Depot, but someone destroy his life

Address: 1301 Fort Worth Way, Mattoon, IL 61938
He went to Mattoon High School so Im assuming that is his store
He also works at Rural King Supply…looks like theres more than one in the area

Why do people think it’s okay to do gross stuff like this is beside me. Like 😡


I’m going to keep an eye on this post because I know he getting fired

he’ll be fired by Wednesday

Someone said “Are you really so stupid to think that Africa has the same technological advances as us? If they did they would probably have clean water and not live in houses made of sticks and mud. Get over yourself and stop being so ignorant.”….. Below is a tiny collection of images of the Africa they refuse to show you..














I’m sorry you’ve been made to believe that the whole of Africa is poor, I really am..

Reblogging for those of you who think Africa is only what the media and movies portrays it to be

I never knew this until freshman year when my teacher told us that South Africa is pretty much as developed as America. crazy how not many people know that

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